Our Team -

Jeffrey Yarosz -  CEO & Founder

Jeffrey leads the strategic finance and financial oversight for the company as well as serves as its Chief Executive Officer and has been in the financial industry for sixteen years.  Much of his experience has been in the Advance Wealth Planning and Financial Advisory services sectors. He was a Principal at World Equity Group and Compass Asset Management.  He also has experience as a commodities future’s trader. He is the co-founder of Primal Equity Partners, a Chicago based financial firm, operating at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. Jeffrey's commodities experience and over sixteen years of working in structured finance role across private equity and funds brings valuable expertise to compliment the industrial hemp farming sector.   

Jeffrey is a graduate of Indiana University. 

Ron Strickland - COO & Founder

Along with CEO Jeffrey Yarosz, Ron founded 4-T Holdings and is the company’s Chief Operation Officer and Farms Manager. He has 25 plus years of agricultural experience – farming thousands of acres from Nebraska to the Pacific Northwest. With 12 years of cannabis cultivation specific experience, Ron is considered one of the veterans within this sector. One of his areas of expertise is cannabis breeding – which is crucial to the financial success of industrial hemp farming.   

Ron’s passion for what he does has made him something of a “serial entrepreneur”, with a focus on companies that leverage technology being deployed within the cannabis industry. He has successfully created consumer cannabis products – including the brand Happy Hashers Hard Drink and Happy Wayz edible, one of the first edible lines within the medical cannabis markets in Oregon and Washington State. Ron's products have been reviewed by many cannabis industry publications, including being named “Editor’s Pick” by the Seattle Times and featured in Cannabis Culture magazine.

Julie Pease - Chief People Officer

As Chief People Officer, Julie Pease leverages her 25 years of experience leading human resources and talent acquisition for organizations from Fortune 500 companies (Disney) to start-ups.  These companies span multiple vertical markets including: technology, entertainment, travel, renewable energy, oil and gas, real estate, finance and blockchain technologies.  This variety has provided Julie great depth of experience to harness for her role with 4-T Holdings.   Her passion and expertise lie in driving value through employee engagement, innovative human resource and talent solutions. Julie’s results driven approach, philosophy of continuous learning and commitment to integrity helps ensure organizations meeting their overall goals – all while remaining true to their culture and core values.   

Julie holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University.  She is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Joseph Kirkpatrick - Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President for 4-T Holdings, Joseph Kirkpatrick will lead new business development for the company. He will be managing all sales teams and working with the CEO to secure land for current and future use.  He is currently working on closing up to 2,000 acres in Oregon for the 2019 planting and harvest.  

Joseph has an extensive sales and leadership background - running sales teams in the medical device world for over eight years. He has won multiple Presidents Club awards for top individual sales representative in the country, as well as leading sales teams of 25 individuals and teams of 50 sales representatives to award winning years.  He is well versed in financial services becoming a partner of Primal Equity Partners three years ago.  At Primal Equity Partners, Joseph guides the sales team, driving numbers and securing high volume deals for the company. He is solely responsible for raising over 10m dollars for multiple projects in the last calendar year. 

Stan Orlowski -  Project Manager

Stan Orlowski brings a strong background in organizational and product management he developed during his 25 year tenure with Microsoft and other technology firms to his role as Project Manager, Business Operations. He will be working closely with Julie Pease, CPO and our Chief of Staff in support of our CEO, Jeffrey Yarosz. A highly talented and diverse member of our team, his skills set within Vendor Management, Client Management/Support, and Program, Project and Release Management will be highly utilized. 

Most recently, Stan has spent the last 4 years building and running a cannabis business.  He was an owner, grower and member of the Board of Directors of a Tier 3 cannabis grow operation in Washington State. Something of a pioneer in a newly legalized business, his responsibilities were varied and included:  construction, production planning, processing, new business development, marketing, and packaging. 

He holds a master’s degree in public history from the University of San Diego.  

Paul Anderson - Farm Manager

As 4-T Holdings Project Manager, Farming Operations, Paul Anderson will be partnering closely with Ron Strickland in the day-to-day management of our industrial hemp farms.  Paul is the product of a lifetime spent in the Agriculture Industry. He grew up the fifth generation of his family working their 2,000-acre livestock and row crop farm in Illinois. Although Paul has worked within a variety of industries – engineer with Caterpillar, commodity trader, etc.. – he has always maintained a focus on agriculture.  

Since 2015, Paul has served as a Marketing Agent for Producers Livestock Marketing – Omaha. His primary responsibilities with Producers is to negotiate cash cattle prices with meat packers on behalf of the farmers and developing/implementing risk management strategies for dozens of clients using futures, options, or packer contracts. 

Paul graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agricultural Engineering.